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The Adventures of Joyce Torme

Peter Capainolo: Great mentor, great person!

by Joyce Torme on 07/01/13

Some time ago, I had the great fortune of connecting with Peter Capainolo, a Professor of Biology and Scientific Assistant in the Division of Vertebrate Zoology - Ornithology at the American Museum of Natural History. What a cool guy he is!  I contacted Peter in search of a sponsor for my falconry studies; in turn, he guided me to sources that have been invaluable.  Since meeting Peter, I've gone on to pass my falconry license exam and on his recommendation I attended the annual Birds of Prey Festival at Green Chimneys.  I've also completed a hunter's safety course and even learned a few things about outdoor survival!

Last I heard, Mr. Capainolo was deep in the wilderness somewhere, completing scientific work in the field.  From what I can tell, this guy leads a pretty interesting life and I hope to receive more mentorship from him in the future.  Thanks for the inspiration, Peter!

The most significant thing I've learned from this experience: always keep yourself open to new people and situations.  By allowing myself to grow in different directions, I'm fulfilling my life in ways I never imagined.